Brightening Up Your Landscape in the Winter


It’s no secret that, in winter, everything tends to turn the same color: gray. Gloomy gray skies hover over gray, salt-encrusted roads and cars, and gray landscapes with leafless gray trees and grayish-green grass just waiting for warmer weather to be able to flourish, once again. Is there any way to brighten up this gray landscape, then? Or are you stuck dreaming of a green spring, or planning a quick trip to someplace tropical? The answer is that you can, absolutely, transform your landscape into one of color, even in the coldest and darkest months of winter.

Make Your House a Home of Color

When some people think of adding color to the exterior of their home, they think of an eccentric artist’s home splashed with every color under the sun. While this certainly isn’t bad, if that’s your style, if something more traditional is more to your liking, you can still brighten it up with a few pops of well-chosen color. For example, if you have a fence on your property, consider a beautiful, deep blue to liven it up. Or, perhaps you have a large front door that would benefit from a handsome red color, or even a daring yellow. There are plenty of ways to brighten up your home without having it look like a children’s painting.

Five Lawn Care Tips for the Winter

winterHaving a great-looking lawn is a year-round commitment to ensuring the grass and other plants have the nutrients they need, as well as the proper growing conditions to allow them to thrive. Even as winter comes closer, it’s essential to prepare your lawn to ensure that when spring arrives, your lawn will sprout quickly, and look great all season.


Mowing Right Along

Don’t give up on mowing, just because the weather turns cooler. Until the temperature takes a nosedive, your grass will continue to grow, especially if it’s healthy. Until growth slows or stops, keep mowing to keep the grass at optimum height. Failure to do so could result in matting and snow mold once the long winter months set in.


Your lawn’s grass can still absorb nutrients as the weather turns colder. Feed it well and set it up for success by continuing to fertilize it until the first frost. Since your grass doesn’t get much in the way of nutrients during the winter months, give it what you can while it can still absorb them, so that it has all it needs to come back strong in the spring.