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Prepping Your Lawn and Landscape for Spring

When the weather warms up in spring, don’t you just itch to get outside and start prepping your lawn and landscape? That’s a good thing because your yard needs attention after the long winter. In that spirit, here are a few things you should work on the outside when the weather begins to warm up, but before spring begins in earnest.

Remove Dead and Dried Foliage on Perennials

Begin by removing the foliage from last year on your perennials. In most cases, you would have removed it last fall, but plants like ornamental grasses and hydrangeas retain their foliage all winter. This provides interest in your landscape during the winter months, but the dead stuff has to be removed in spring, so new growth has all the room it needs to grow and thrive. Pull it or cut it off just above ground level and trash it or add it to your compost pile.

Build Compost for Your Home Garden

from natural compostComposting is an inexpensive, simple, effective means of adding nutrient-rich humus to your soil. Recycle waste from your kitchen and yard while creating a natural fertilizer that’s great for the environment.

Compost Pile

This option is free to set up, assuming you have the materials on hand. You’ll need a space approximately 3’ square, the perfect size to allow your compost pile to reach the optimal temperature for breaking down organic material.

Gather your materials:

  • Brown material: dead leaves, wood chips, nut shells, hay, corn and other husks, breads, etc
  • Green material: fruit and vegetable kitchen scraps, grass, weeds and green leaves
  • Soil material: manure, mature compost, or soil
  • Cover: this can be a plastic tarp, wood, or even carpet pieces. You’ll want to cover the compost pile enough to control moisture and heat, but not so much that oxygen can’t reach it