Drainage and Driveways

Drainage and Driveways

For all of your drainage and driveway needs, contact Campbell & Ferrara. We design and install driveways using a variety of materials; concrete, pavers, flagstone, stamped concrete and aggregate. Campbell & Ferrara’s design experts will determine the right grade and slope to ensure proper drainage and improve your home’s curb appeal.

Driveways are an extremely important aspect of your property and home. They provide the highest traffic artery in and out of your home as you begin and end your day. Not only that, they are often the first impression new home buyers and neighbors see and can reflect the caliber of attention you give to the rest of your property, both inside and out. Driveways truly make a statement. That’s why Campbell & Ferrara offers incredible driveway paving designs. We can create elaborate designs to complement and enhance the outside appearance of your home.

Campbell & Ferrara also provides water drainage management; managing water is critical for the proper functioning and success of a landscape. We can assist in correcting water problems such as water in basements, downspout burial, extensions, the pooling of water and low spots in your yard. Drainage can be ornamental as well. A correctly installed river rock stream bed can collect and divert water from an area experiencing drainage issues. From residential to commercial, we have expert drainage and driveway contractors in both!

Proudly serving residential and commercial clients in the Alexandria, Arlington, and Falls Church VA area.

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