Gardens & Greenscapes

Create Your Dream Garden

Campbell & Ferrara designs and installs gardens and greenscapes for its clients. Our expertise enables us to create a garden and/or greenscape that will reflect your personal style and address your concerns.

Landscaping is no longer just about curb appeal. Outdoor kitchens, fire pits, waterfalls, landscape lighting, outdoor fireplaces, secret gardens and ponds for both aquatic plants and unique fish are all becoming popular.

Campbell & Ferrara is a full service landscape maintenance company equipped to meet all of Northern Virginia’s landscape needs.

Custom Designed Greenscapes

Consult with our professional landscape designers to discuss your preferences, needs and expectations and we will deliver the exact product you want. Campbell & Ferrara has been in the industry for over 70 years. We have proven our experience through spectacular gardens and greenscapes. We even have reliable maintenance programs to follow up with the project to ease your maintenance stress.

For all your greenscaping and garden needs, contact Campbell & Ferrara today!

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