Over the past 79 years, we have provided the highest quality landscaping services to our customers. We take great pride in delivering beautiful outdoor spaces for our clients as a 3rd generation family owned and operated landscape company. At Campbell & Ferrara, we are proud to create beautiful, sustainable landscapes.

Creating a Beautiful, Sustainable World One Garden at a Time

Whether you’re looking for sustainable landscaping or edible gardens, Campbell & Ferrara strives to bring beauty into your outdoor environment while helping the planet at the same time.

Sustainable Landscapes

At Campbell & Ferrarra, sustainability is at the forefront of all of our landscape projects. Our goal is to create beautiful landscapes while minimizing human impact on natural resources. We use organic materials and drought-resistant plants that are native to the area, so you can be sure your garden is as green and energy efficient as possible. We also specialize in stormwater filtration techniques that eliminate runoff from fertilizers, pesticides, and other pollutants to protect our waterways. Our sustainable landscaping solutions are designed to last for years while keeping water bills low.

Edible Gardens

Not only do we specialize in sustainable landscape design but also edible gardens! With our help, you can transform your outdoor space into a bountiful garden full of fresh fruits and vegetables. We will design a custom plan based on your needs and preferences that will ensure you have enough produce throughout the season. Whether you’re looking to grow organic tomatoes or your own herbs, our team will help you create a beautiful and productive edible garden that adds value to your home.

At Campbell & Ferrara, we understand the importance of creating sustainable outdoor spaces for future generations. Our goal is to provide our customers with quality landscapes and gardens that make a positive impact on the environment. Experience the beauty of sustainability today by calling us for a consultation!