5 Must-Have Winter Plants to Keep Your Landscape Vibrant and Inviting

You don’t need to settle for a monochromatic winter landscape. Indeed, adding plants that provide winter color and invite birds to your landscape will create lovely focal points you can view from the comfort of your home. The five must-have winter plants for your Northern Virginia landscape include: Winterberry holly (Ilex verticillata) American holly (Ilex…


Designing Destination Patios: Your Guide to Outdoor Lighting, Outdoor Fireplaces, and Outdoor Kitchens

Did you know that a well-designed destination patio can revolutionize your outdoor space? If you add outdoor lighting, an outdoor fireplace, and an outdoor kitchen, you can entertain long into the fall season in your backyard. Patio and Proper Drainage The first order of business is to correct any drainage problems where you want to…


Elevate Your Landscape with the Top 3 Uses of Retaining Walls

People often see retaining walls just for holding back soil on a slope.

But, with some imagination, you can use them for more. A retaining wall can create space for patios or seat walls with a fire pit. Plus, you can plant flowers, trees, and shrubs on the tiered sections.

In this blog post, you’ll learn more about transforming your retaining wall from boring to a wall that pops with color and serves as an outdoor destination space for family and friends.


3 Essentials That Every Outdoor Gathering Space Needs

If you want to amp up your outdoor gathering spaces this fall, some essentials will make your outdoor living areas the go-to place for fall fun. Pairing different hardscape features transforms your outdoor destination space into a multifunctional and relaxing way to bring together friends and family. These pairs include: Patios and water features Synthetic…


Native Plant Guide for Arlington, VA

Enhance your landscape with a native plant design that thrives in Zone 7’s unique climate. Lighting design for Arlington, VA landscapes adds charm to the garden’s beauty, illuminating native wonders. Strategically-placed retaining walls in Arlington, VA’s backyard offer functionality while becoming artful elements. Enjoy outdoor living with inviting patios in Arlington, VA, surrounded by meticulously…