Professional Retaining Walls Installation

As a professional landscaping company, we offer a wide range of design and installation services for retaining walls in your garden and landscape and a variety of stone options. Whether you need a retaining wall or a decorative garden wall, we provide the best solution to complement your home and address your concerns.

Retaining walls can be a beautiful addition to your home and they serve many purposes in the landscape. Outdoor retaining walls can be structural or ornamental in design, serve as focal points, or be a less visible part of the hardscape that help create the proper grade and elevation changes of your landscape. Campbell & Ferrara, builds, and installs retaining walls out of many materials and in many styles. Our team has years of experience with designing and installing outdoor retaining walls for both residential and commercial landscapes.

Transform your Yard with Quality Retaining Walls

If you are unable to take full advantage of your front or back yard because of slopes, hills, or other undulations, then a custom-designed and built retaining wall from the experienced professionals at Campbell & Ferrara is your solution. With a quality retaining wall, we will transform your sloping front or back yard into the perfect flat lawn or hardscape while also taking care of drainage and adding a stylish look to compliment your landscaping or patio.

Our Retaining Wall Capabilities Include:

  • Decorative stone and brick paving walls
  • Artistic walls to edge natural areas
  • Fully-engineered structural walls

Our Retaining Wall Services Include:

  • Professional designs
  • Engineering
  • Installation
  • Maintenance and repair

Let Campbell & Ferrara guide you in your landscape design process so your garden and landscape will look and function beautifully!