lawn aeration

Benefits of Aerating Your Lawn; Fall is the Best Time for This

Core aeration is when you remove small “cores” of soil from your lawn. It’s also called coring or spiking. Core aeration makes your lawn healthier and decreases the need for maintenance. It’s win-win!

Aeration occurs naturally through the process of air exchange between the atmosphere and the soil. When the soil becomes compacted or overloaded with debris, natural aeration needs human intervention. Plan to aerate your home lawn every year. If you need to aerate a busier lawn, such as on a golf fairway or in a public park, you may need to aerate up to five times annually.

green plants

Green Plants: The Healthy Choice

It’s not your imagination. You do feel better when you are surrounded by living green plants! Well-maintained attractive green landscapes increase the value of your property and improve your health. The Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania recently released its findings on the positive health effects experienced by people who walked near…

winter damage

Brrr! Winter Damage to Plants

After a particularly severe winter, many plants may show substantial injury. Damage symptoms include discolored, burned evergreen needles or leaves, dead or broken branch tips and branches. At winter’s end, remove only those branches that are broken or so brown that they are obviously dead. The extent of winter damage can best be determined after…