Hardscaping Design Elements

A lovely backyard is a joy. It’s a place to gather and appreciate. All homeowners need to think about the kind of yard they want. Many different elements go into creating the perfect yard. They vary depending on the person’s personal preferences. Some people want a yard with lots of details. They may be searching for lots of items to use there such as benches, seeds to create a garden and other items that can make the yard look and feel pleasing to the eye. Others may prefer to have a more streamlined look that lets them have plenty of open space. Each homeowner, no matter their kind of personal yard style, should do several things to their yard as spring approaches to prepare for the upcoming season.

Winterburn on Your Lawn

winter burn

While it is known for hurting evergreens, it can also do extensive damage to your lawn during very cold weather. Without swift help, winterburn can lead to irreversible lawn damage, costly repairs and poor aesthetics in your yard. Understanding the basics of this common problem can help you avoid it in the future or learn how to treat it if it has happened to you this spring.


The Importance of Transplanting During the Right Season

Planting bushes, trees and perennials is a fantastic way to improve the look of your yard and also potentially improve the value of your property. The best part about all of these plants is that they provide a range of benefits you can enjoy year after year, that is, as long as you take the time to ensure they are transplanted properly. Otherwise, you might as well just take the money you plan on spending on those trees or other plants and throw it into the trash since there’s a high chance the plants won’t survive the year. In this sense, by far the most important thing you can do is to ensure you are transplanting during the right time of the year in order to give the plants the best chance of survival.