Winter Pruning

Winter Pruning Guide for Trees and Shrubs

Trees and shrubs don’t just offer greeneries but they can also serve as a boundary between adjoining properties. Aside from that, they can be a barrier too, for keeping stray animals from entering your property or add to the overall appearance to your property. Without proper care and pruning, they can become an eyesore or worse, pose a risk to your property and family. Most people don’t recognize the need for pruning until spring and summer, so why should you consider it now?

How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen

When it comes to cooking, there is no limit on what you can do. Cooking isn’t limited to indoors alone too; especially now that having an outdoor kitchen has become the newest trend for homeowners. An outdoor kitchen allows you to cook outside where you can enjoy the beauty of your surroundings while preparing home-cooked…

Fireplaces & Fire Pits 

Two of the many things that many households can take advantage of during almost any season is a fireplace and or a fire pit. They will for sure allow you to enjoy your yard more.  In fact, it is a great home extension that home buyers may check when shopping for properties. They both add…

Why Winter is the Perfect Time for Hardscaping Project?

Hardscaping is the implementation of the non-living elements in the landscaping world. Examples are the installation of bricks and stone walls, walkways, paver walls, retaining walls, wood arbors, patios, flagstone pathways, and pebble/cement driveways and walkways. Hardscape landscaping is a key part of landscape design; it will add the alluring sense or organization and a…

Using a Drainage Solution for Utility or Beautification

Wet spots are a common issue that happens in many yards. The problem with these is because they will cause your grass and plants to die because they are not meant to be soaked underwater for too long. Soggy areas can cause leakage in your basement areas. So, what causes this wet spot? More often than not, having a lot of wet spots means that you have a poor drainage system in your yard. When your yard is not draining properly, you will have to experience plenty of drained problems which may cause costly problems in the future. 

Retaining Walls and Their Many Applications

Do you often experience soil erosion, especially in areas that are not leveled? Well, luckily there is a solution for that, it’s called retaining walls. They will not only keep your yard intact, but  they also add great aesthetic value. Generally, the purpose of retaining walls is to hold the soil behind them. If your property has a lot of sloped areas, using retaining walls is the best idea for you. 

yard ponds and waterfall

Benefits of Creating a Relaxing Zen Atmosphere With a Waterfall Pond

With all the work we do every day, it’s no surprise that we deal with stress daily. When not managed properly, stress can cause a lot of health problems. That is why it’s important to find some time to stop whatever you are doing and relax. There are a lot of ways on how you can relax. Whether it’s reading a good book, enjoying a beer, talking to a friend or just enjoying a beautiful view inside your backyard, you can always do something to release your stress.