master planA Unique Landscape Design from Your Personalized Master Plan

Are you envious of your neighbor’s well-kept lawns and their flowerbeds bursting with springtime blooms that seem to last all summer? Is your landscape an unsightly mess, causing embarrassment? Perhaps it is a chore you’ve attempted to deal with, but have had no pleasing results. Maybe you have tried to improve it but have found your efforts to be half-hearted and not at all rewarding. Don’t continue to attempt those do-it-yourself projects unsuccessfully. It is time to contact a professional landscaping company to make your landscape the envy of the neighborhood.


If you’re in the Alexandria, Virginia area, you are in luck. Contact the award-winning professionals at Campbell & Ferrara to explore the possibilities for your landscape. Established in 1945, our experienced designers can create a Master Plan for your yard, with a design geared to help your property reach its full potential.


The plan, drawn to scale, can be immediately implemented or installed in stages. Your yard will never have an unfinished look, even if you only complete portions each time.


What is Included in a Master Plan?

Envision your landscape as it might look when reaching its full potential. Direct your gaze from a patio or deck, envisioning a sea of color that borders a beautiful lawn. Walls and ornamental drainage solutions stand out within your outdoor living environment. Well-placed raised beds compliment borders of colorful gardens throughout the yard. A private area, created and sectioned off by climbing vines and evergreen shrubbery, holds an outdoor kitchen and fully-stocked bar. An outdoor fire pit or a one of a kind, custom fireplace extends your outdoor season of use.


The front yard has a manicured lawn, with ornamental trees, and a rose garden. An ornamental Japanese maple creates a focal point. Exotic shrubs form a barrier, providing privacy and hiding an unsightly view of the neighbor’s trash cans.


More than Plant Material

Your Landscape Master Plan will likely include hardscape features, such as walls, a pond, or a fountain. Perhaps you envision a winding path through a backyard strewn with blossoming flowers, rock gardens, and large shade trees. We design and install your Master Plan in stages if necessary. If you have chosen someone else for the installation, or if you intend to do some of it yourself, rest assured our design considers all issues that may arise. If needed, you may plant throughout several seasons. Basically, your drawing details what to expect from your completed outdoor living environment.

With all of our designs, we take certain points into consideration, including:

The Style of Your Home:

Hardscape features and landscaping should be appropriate for the style of your home. The design and layout of your home reflects your needs, personality, and tastes. In most cases, the exterior style of your home indicates who you are. The installation of an inappropriate landscape can be a long lasting mistake or a costly error to correct. Our professional design experts get it right the first time.

Homeowners Association guidelines, if applicable:

Our award-winning designers provide unique landscaping within the parameters of HOA guidelines. We make sure your look is unique, avoiding that cookie cutter appearance where your yard looks like half of the others on your street. Plan and design with professionals to avoid this look of duplication.

Proper Soil and Drainage:

If you own a relatively new home, your soil quality may not support the plant life necessary to beautify your landscape. Soil amendments easily correct your soil. This important correction should be in place before you begin planting valuable plant material, such as shade trees.

Healthy Plant Material:

Of course, you’ll want to use healthy plants for long-lasting curb appeal from your newly installed materials. Our fully-stocked, on-premises nursery specializes in quality plants, shrubs, and trees. If we don’t have it, you can trust that we know where to get it.

Your Wishes:

Most important in our considerations is your vision of what you want in your outdoor living environment. Be prepared to relay your wishes before we get started on your blueprint.

Envision just the right landscape for your home and trust Campbell & Ferrara to make it a reality. Let us show you our Master Plan to make your new, unique outdoor living environment perfect for your home.